Transitions: A Love Hate Relationship

As two neurodivergent humans–we have a serious love/hate relationship with transitions. Sometimes they reset our moods but a lot of times it’s a one-way train to meltdown mode. That’s why we felt that our first episode had to be about transitions. I mean launching a podcast in and of itself is a transition–right?! Whether you take in infor reading, watching or listening–we’ve got you covered so sit back, and find out all about those love/hate moments and keep it real with our own life experiences.

Transitions suck–most of the time!

Whether you’re traveling or like Angela mentions, your safe food at the restaurant isn’t available–transitions suck! It takes so much energy to actually cope with these unexpected outcomes that our nervous system goes haywire. Then we rabbit hole into our real life examples, like Molly’s night and day difference in Disney Vacations and how she helped prep her 5 year old for the most overstimulating place on earth and Angela’s big revelation to herself that–well–she’s Autistic!

Every change of attention is a transition

Most of the time we think of the big transitions: school starting, moving to a new city, starting a family. And those affect all of us differently but as Molly said in this episode–for neurodivergent folks, “every change of attention is a transition” (47:18). And although she said this nugget of gold at the end of the episode–you’ll see as we talk about other changes: traveling, dinner time, and more–that’s totally the case.

It’s not just a neurodivergent thing

Transitions can be hard for everyone, not only neurodivergent folks. There are a lot of folks out there who are stressed out. Understanding when that stress is happening and if it is common during transition periods is a key to mitigating some of that stress.