Summer Shenanigans & Forking Transitions

We’re back for another season (that’s 3 if you weren’t counting!) of Drudgery and Dreams. This episode is all about Angela’s dice rolls and foot rubs, Molly’s cross-country tour (and the pitstop in Ontario), all the forking transitions the summer has thrown us, and what we have planned for Season 3.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Molly and Angela are best buds and spent the whole summer not talking to each other. And that was okay! “How rewarding is that as a friendship to not have to expend energy in justifying your personhood?” Angela points out that they didn’t talk to Molly all summer and that neither of them felt that there was anything wrong with their friendship. Molly added, “Understanding that, as an ND person, sometimes we can only focus our attention on the things in front of us if we are going to stay afloat.” Point being, ND friendships are special and we are grateful for ours!

Poutine, Pierogies, and (no) Panic Attacks

Molly reminds us of the multiple neurodivergencies in their family and the importance of having a summer filled with activity. They went on a summer road trip across the US and up into Canada. Her little was thrown from a horse and so was her mother-in-law…and through it all, Molly was able to stay regulated—Yay successful integration of meds for bipolar! Horses be damned, they were able to enjoy vacation including healthier options at McDonalds in Ontario and nomming down on loaded pierogies, too.

Big Projects, Boundaries, and Baldersgate 3

Angela talks about how a medication change has made a huge difference for them as well. She is better able to address sensory overload and maintain healthy boundaries to manage energy so she can keep kicking ass on work projects. And there have been some BIG work projects! With proper time boundaries in place, they have been able to play their favorite games including Baldersgate 3 which was released over the summer. They may have stayed up until 1 in the morning playing and then later reading fantasy fiction the night before this recording…

Positively Glimmery

Both Angela and Molly may have some things to say about the toxicity of positive psychology and they also agree that harmony can be found between focusing on the negative and finding the positive. Let’s be real. There is both in this thing we call life! Angela brings up a post from Neurodiversity Education Academy that they saw before recording the episode. It talked about a concept by Deb Dana, LCSW, author of “Polyvagal Theory in Therapy.” The concept of “Glimmers.” These are the opposite of triggers and Molly and Angela have quite a few! 

What to Expect When Expecting Season 3

Season 3 will be filled with guests, controversy, shenanigans, and loads of forks! Make sure to follow so you don’t miss out and to share so others don’t either!


Glimmers- Neurodiversity Education Academy

Models of Disability