Stress, Silos, and Racing Thoughts

“Have you ever had something you were looking forward to so much, and you had to put so much effort and energy in planning that thing and it’s consumed your mind and kept you up at night? And you’re up in the morning and you’re barely eating or you’re over eating? Because you’re putting so much effort into this thing?” (Molly, 1:49)  Yeah, this happened to Angela as they prepared for and then hosted a huge, very important event for them, and we dare say the entire ND community. Join us in this episode to hear why Molly says, “A whole bunch of listeners just felt really seen” (34:52).

The Energy Collapse

It is exhilarating to be involved in something that you are interested in and passionate about. For many NDs, it can also create difficulties in relationships and/or other areas of life outside of the interest or project. Angela says, “I’m just not able to put energy into anything other than this thing that I’m doing” and her partner “not having access to me yet me…being extra needy emotionally and him having to expend emotional energy and put his his own needs to the side in order to take care of mine” (4:45). They go on to explain “…it’s not like I got sleep because it was over. I was perseverating on everything. As my brain was trying to remember. Like what happened? What did you do? Did you say the right thing? Did you say the wrong thing? You know? Did you make everybody feel welcome and comfortable and safe? Did you get your point across? Do people understand what you’re doing?” (34:32).

Everything Goes Quiet

“I don’t know how to follow that,” Molly says after Angela explains that nearly 75% of the ND community experiences economic INsecurity and that a majority of the 25% who do experience security are white and privileged (20:15). And even they, because of their neurodivergence, are at constant risk of losing it. This is a common occurrence for Angela. “This happens to me all the time, when I started talking about economic security. Everything goes quiet” (21:18). She continues explaining what economic security really is and how it affects and is affected by systems in education, healthcare, employment, and social protections saying, “it’s the infrastructure of everything that allows us to have access to resources that a lot of people associate with having money because right now only the people who have money have access to those resources” (24:09).

It’s not Exclusive

“We can’t look at one justice movement and compare it to another justice movement. Anti-ableism includes anti-racism. It’s not exclusive” (Angela, 44:10). This comes in the midst of a conversation on what ND and allied folks had to say at an event last night when discussing education, employment, healthcare, and social protections for ND community members. They also discussed how crucial the Arts community is to making an impact on justice for NDs. “Come on, Hollywood. Let’s get involved!” (Angela, 37:55). And, regarding education, Molly says, “…it’s really young. People don’t realize how young that impact affects that person’s entire future” (40:38). Angela mentioned other areas of improved suggested by ND community members including, but not limited to:
-changes are needed in HR and management training

-DEI should be led by members of the ND, Disabled,, Black and Global Majority, and LGBTQ+ communities and often don’t even include these individuals.

-When they are included, it is tokenistic


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