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You don't have to just listen to us talking about our favorite things. You can get your hands on them, too. And see the stuff we haven't talk about (yet), too! We promise that we will only share products that we believe in!

Angela just can't get enough of these and you hear us talk about them on several episodes, including the episode with Stimagz founder, Kody Lukens!

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If you love all things nerd, fun, geek, and sex, this is for you! Before meeting Konfettie's founder, Emilie Wiersma, Angela spent too much time personally researching pleasure products to make sure that what she used and recommended were safe for her clients.

Konfettie is a marketplace for fun, unique, and body-safe pleasure products. They promote body-safe sex and empowerment through research, curating sellers, and raising awareness. Talk about entrepreneurship!

Dubsado is Molly's behind the scenes assistant that works for them whether they are awake, or not!

Create a free account and get a no-time limit free trial and see if it’s the right fit for you. Your first 3 clients are totally free! Oh and if you do decide that Dubs is the right fit for you–this affiliate link will give you 30% off your first month or year.

For those of you in the service based business world--raise your hand if you like contracts! Yeah--that's what we thought. That's where The Contract Shop comes in.

Stephanie built this business because she realized that easy to read contracts were needed for creative businesses to protect themselves. Because if you don't understand you contract, how can your client?! Take a look and see if these pre-built (attorney reviewed) contracts will help your legal side of the biz.

If you've been looking for a way to build an online print on demand shop--Printify may be your platform. Filled with goods of all types (and sizes) you can practically design and print anything you want.

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As you know, Angela is a big advocate for pleasure, sexual and otherwise. They also love Science and Research. When she talks about sex, she wants it to be factual. OMGYES has techniques on their site based directly on peer-reviewed and published research of over 20,000 people with vulvas.

OMGYES is for anybody who cares about sexual pleasure of those with vulvas. It can be and is used alone and/or with partners. What's even more exciting is that, currently, they are in the process of integrating experiences of all genders into their content.

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